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My knowledge of these Federal Laws kept me from going bankrupt!

Tired of the calls at all hours, the demands, the harassment, the intimidation and the threats from credit collectors?

Learn what the credit collectors don't want you to know, the Federal Law that prohibits them from harassing you.

It's time to turn the tables and put the collection agencies on Notice.

Learn how to immediately assert your Rights under the Federal Laws that regulates the credit collection industry.

You Have The Power Over Credit Collection Agencies

Every Citizen in America has Rights granted by our Government. Sometimes, a person must assert these Rights to enjoy the Liberties we take for granted. Our Federal Rights protect us from overzealous credit collectors that are in fact, powerless over our person and over our property.

The mere fact that credit collectors may call or send collection notices does not transfer to them the power over you or over your property. Demand notices from credit collection agencies have no more power over you then, say if for example, the President of France sent you a demand for 1,000 francs. You would not respond by debating the amount France says you owe them, rather you would notify them that France has no jurisdiction and or authority over you in the first place.

Why Credit Collection Agency Collectors Are So Pushy

Many credit collection agencies "work the accounts" for a limited amount of time and on a contingency basis. If they cannot collect on the accounts within the limited amount of time they have to work the accounts, they do not get paid. The collection agents calling for money are on commission and get paid more when they get people like you and me to pay them.

In the eyes of a credit collector, you are guilty as accused and you are a deadbeat. Otherwise, they would not be calling you in the first place.

Credit collectors work upon the premise of several very basic factors on the people they call to collect money from. Our embarrassment from receiving their calls. Our fear of their threats and demands. Our fear of the unknown. And most important, our ignorance of the Federal Law that protects our Rights and which credit collection agencies are required to abide by and operate under.

My Story

Like many people who face hard and uncertain times, some time ago, for the first time in my adult life I was unable to pay all of my bills every month. Eventually, my creditors who were civil when times were good now became hostile when I simply could not pay them.

These creditors eventually turned over my accounts to credit collection agencies. I started receiving collection notices, demand letters and rude telephone calls from the credit collection agencies and they kept increasing month after month. They bothered me at home, at work and I even had one particular collector bother one of my neighbors in an effort to collect. It got to a point where I did not want to answer my own phone for fear of yet another threatening collector looking to tell me what a terrible person I was and to further attempt to demean me and intimidate me into paying them money that I did not have.

As you may know, this can be quite overwhelming to most people who are good at heart but have encountered financial problems for the first time ever due to losing a job, an injury, an illness, divorce or other circumstances.

Knowledge Of The Federal Law Is Power

After much painstaking research, I discovered several areas of the Law that deal with unsecured credit card debt. From within these lengthy and wordy volumes of Law I discovered the THREE most important pieces of information for people who are being harassed by credit collectors. With this new found knowledge of the Law, I created a new and unique method which properly applied all of the Laws. It provided a very effective way to stop credit collectors from harassing people.

Now it was time to turn the tables on the credit collectors and end the living nightmare of their constant harassment. So I sent all of them my Letter and put them on Legal Notice protecting all of my Rights under the Law. Once they received my Notice, the credit collection agencies who were harassing me had no choice but to immediately stop their deceptive and unlawful collection practices and tacticts on me. My new method to stop credit collectors worked perfectly! And just as important, I did it without paying ANY lawyer a penny!

The Good News

Up until now, this proven method of how I got credit collectors to stop harassing me, has only been available by word of mouth. Now for the first time ever, exclusiveley through this website, you can purchase this extremely important information kit and learn how to help yourself to stop credit collectors from harassing you.


The Stop Collectors.Info Kit is a compilation of years of extensive personal research. Through my research, I developed a unique method to stop credit collectors.

My approach properly and effectively applies several proven strategies used to stop credit collectors all in one easy to use kit.

This method has stopped collectors dead in their tracks time after time after time.

The Stop Collectors.Info Kit provides you the maximum protections from credit collectors.

A simple “cease and desist” letter (offered by others) does not have the depth of my vast research and expertise.

Each Stop Collectors.Info Kit contains pages and pages of priceless information to help you stop credit collectors.

Buy it just once for a modest fee and use the Stop Collectors.Info Kit as often as you need.

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

“I was unable to work due to an injury. Credit collectors were constantly calling at my house and badgering me and my family. We tried credit counseling, but that required money we did not have. My wife saw your ad and ordered the Stop Collectors kit. After we read your information, we were convinced this was worth a try and used the letter and sent one to every collector. Thanks to you, we don’t have to worry about credit collectors bothering us anymore.” Michael P.-Burnsville, MN

“After the divorce I was so overwhelmed with credit collectors hounding me for payments that out of desperation, I met with a bankruptcy lawyer. Luckily for me, I saw your web site the next day and decided to try your Stop Collectors.Info kit. It was the best $20 I have ever spent. And to think, I was about to pay a lawyer over $1,000! I can’t thank you enough.” Lora R.- Chicago, IL

“After my father passed away, my mother started getting collection notices on a credit card that dad had opened in joint names. Eventually, the collectors were calling and threatening her with taking her house. I remembered hearing about your Stop Collectors.Info Kit and purchased one. We sent the collectors your letter from the kit and we never heard from them again!” John C.- St. Peters, MO


The Stop Collectors.Info Kit Includes:

Vital information on unsecured credit card debt.

Legal terminology and definitions for the layperson.

The Federal Law which regulates the credit collection industry.

The Letter that I created and used successfully to stop credit collection agencies from harassing me.

Suggestions that many people have found to be of value in executing the Letter and asserting our Federal Rights.

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